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Excellent Experience!
I know I am in excellent hands and have every confidence that I could not receive better care anywhere. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Asam takes the time to answer all my questions. The staff is supurb and is technologically in the 21st century. I just wish I'd found Dr. Asam as soon as she started her practice.
Jack D.

Great first visit!
I felt that I received friendly service in a really nice atmosphere. My questions were answered, and it seemed the staff was thinking about my best interests. Dr. Asam was thorough in my assessment and went over the treatment plan with me. Ho'oipo did a great job cleaning my teeth and making me feel comfortable. A great start! I was really impressed with the staff and office overall. The decorations and paintings actually were really cool to look at while I was being worked on. The koa furniture is comforting. Staff all were friendly and all the technology at hand was really new for me in a dentists office. Really cool. Mahalo!
Allyson O.

Happy with this visit!
Best place for dental work. For years I have dreaded to visit the dentist. This practice makes me look forward to my visits and the staff is proactive on my dental health and the follow up is outstanding. I'm happy to make Pacific Dental and Implant Solutions office my steady regular dentist for this season and hopefully years to come. Mahalo for your local practice and mahalo for taking care of my families dental needs.
Rick P.

Very happy EVERYONE!
Every time I've come in the staff and doctor has always been pleasant, friendly and very knowledgeable. Dr. will never do more than what's required, I've been to other dental offices where they're rushing to get you in and out and they are always looking for something more that needs to be done. I'm very happy with services at Pacific Dental and Implant Solutions. Just would like to say thank you to Dr. Asam, Robin, Makanani and the rest of the staff I always feel welcomed, and I know mom feels the same, I'm glad she found the advertisement. Much love and aloha.
Nadine W.

Totally happy & satisfied with a new dentist I have discovered!
I was looking for a new dentist within a close proximity to my home and one with the state of the art equipment, technology, and expertise in the dental practice. I discovered Dr. Asam in the Honolulu Magazine without the assistance from any friends or relatives. I believe I have made the correct choice for my dental needs!

Thank you team PDIS!
I was nervous and apprehensive upon walking in as this is my first time, however, I was at ease after meeting the front desk clerk, her assistants and Dr. Asam. I like the unassuming and the casual atmosphere. I was presented with options that met my needs and I feel great leaving and having the knowledge that I saved money, time, and the realistic treatment. I had fear of the uncertainties walking in but I left smiling. I look forward to my next visit.
Ed A.

Great Implant!

I am very pleased with my most recent implant service provided by Dr. Jmi Asam. Her state of the art technology, personal caring services and professional skills have given me the most confident and comfort in this complicated dental procedure. I'm glad I made the decision to choose Dr. Asam and will also be glad to refer her to my friends.
Don T.

Best Cleaning Ever!
I visited this office for my teeth cleaning and it was by far the best cleaning I've ever had. Thank you so much for your attention and care.
Cathy G.

Mahalo for assisting me in my "dental emergency" while Dr. Asam was on maternity leave. Makanani referred me to another dentist and she handled it with such grace and professionalism. She even followed up to make sure I was taken care of and was okay. My calls are always returned and my questions get answered in a timely manner. I sincerely appreciate Dr. Jmi Asam and her staff: Robin & Makanani.
Rosa N.

Dr. Asam is on the leading edge of technology with her dentistry service. Exceptionally friendly and helpful front office too. And, a very competent and friendly dental hygienist as well. I look forward to my next dental cleaning.
Ray B.

Very pleased.
Dr. Jmi Asam & staff have raised the bar on what patients' should expect from all licensed professional in the dental arts; in a truly breath-taking and family oriented environment. And, for the first time, in well over a quarter century, I was not rushed out the door due to my unique dental history.
Patrick S.

I live on Hickam, but I will drive here because of the excellent service and staff!
I love how friendly the entire staff is; they make it more enjoyable to come in. Great customer service!!

The entire office is very appealing, comfortable, and nicely furnished.
Overall, the office is very clean, neat and well equipped with modern technology. The entire staff is very professional, caring, courteous, and friendly. They make you feel very welcomed and relaxed.
Sharlynn K.

First of all, I was nervous walking into a new dental office.
Makanani and Robin are very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Asam clearly explained to me what to expect. She was very gentle when performing my implant surgery and a follow up call was made to see how I was feeling after the surgery. This is the best dental office I have ever been to!
Ariel A.

So gentle and caring!
This is my 3rd visit. Dr. Asam is very knowledgeable about her work and cares about her patients. When I mentioned that I always had a problem with my TMJ, she shared options regarding a night guard. I never had any luck with them in the past, but she made one that is so comfortable. I don't understand why other dentists were never able to make one that fit comfortably. It has relieved the pain in my jaw as well as my headaches.
Irma C.

Such a warm and caring staff! I felt like I've know you all for years.
I love your technology, gentle atmosphere, and expert care. Coming from years of archaic treatment previously, it's a whole new world of dental care! I love you guys...
Kent S.

Very professional.
The staff made me feel very comfortable. I was not embarrassed about being in the situation I am in, with needing considerable work done. I really appreciate their patience, understanding, & professionalism.

Where do I start? This office is friendly, welcoming, sincere, gentle, has state-of-the-art equipment, and is knowledgeable & informative. And, seriously, the best customer service I have experienced at any business in a long time!
Colette L.

Warm & friendly office staff!
The calm, soothing office environment enhanced an experience that is usually extremely stressful for me. Dental appointments are my least favorite but your warm and friendly staff welcomed me like a member of your family. Mahalo!
Joy Y.

Courteous & Professional Service!
Appointment was on time. Helpful appointment reminders via email and excellent appointment follow up. Convenient location with ample parking. Going to the dentist has never been this painless!
Sean M.

Successful Outcome!
I had concern on my dental implant, and Dr. Asam calmed my anxiety before going forward with my scheduled implant. I want to thank Dr. Asam for the successful outcome of my dental implant. I recommend her very highly...She is very caring and professional.
Bernard L.

Great attitude.
Makanani is an owners delight. I have been in retail for over 25 years and in the eye of the customer, service is the key and this office provides this. Robin is also great. Good follow up; this team has a great attitude and is a great role model.
Jack M.

Dr. Asam, Robin, & Makanani are professional as well as warm and friendly.
It makes the dreaded trip to the dentist pleasant and I feel confident that the diagnosis and plan of treatment Dr. Asam makes is accurate and the best for my particular case. I trust Dr. Asam's recommendations because I know she has my best interest in mind.
Valerie O.

Dr. Asam and her team are very personable. They treated me like a friend rather than a patient. This was the best dentist experience I've had.
Amy Y.

I feel at home.
The office is very comfortable and well decorated. The staff makes you feel at home and they are very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend going for a visit!
Cory N.

Friendly staff & atmosphere.
The office atmosphere & staff are all very friendly, which makes for a pleasant experience. Also, new technology is used, making the taking of x-rays easier.
Katherine H.

Extremely friendly & personable.
Felt comfortable dealing with you from the phone calls prior to the appointment and throughout the appointment itself.
Davin L.

Professional & Knowledgeable!
I like that the office is conveniently located. From the brochure I received, and based on my first visit, I feel very confident of the doctor's professional work. Her office staff members are friendly and knowledgeable; and the office ambiance is both soothing and calming.
Edgar H.

Everyone was very nice and made going to the dentist pleasant. Dr. Asam was very gentle and caring, which helped me relax.
Debbie H

Great from start to finish!
I was very impressed with all of the e-mail and text message reminders for my upcoming appointment. I really like the warm colors and the art in the office too; it feels very welcoming. I loved the iCAT; it made the consultation quick and easy and it made it really fast for Dr. Asam to give me an estimate of the work that I needed to complete. I was referred to Dr. Asam and I will definitely refer friends and family too!

My favorite!
It's a really loose and friendly environment that makes you happy to go in all the time. You guys are really great. I usually don't like the dentist, but you all are my favorite!
Elizabeth M.

Dr. Jmi and Makanani provide the best care!
I like the online follow up with confirming appointments. The staff is super efficient and friendly. Office location is great; lots of free parking and beautiful office environment. Very important to receive state of the art services with the 3-D Imaging equipment which is so valuable in learning about your long term view on dental care perspectives.
Michele F.

Thanks a lot Dr. Asam!
I like the very professional, yet friendly and courteous staff and modern, high-tech equipment. The office is also a very nice place to be; great Hawaiian art and music; beautiful environment!
Max S.

No stress!
Dr. Asam and Makanani, are welcoming, friendly, and take all the stress out of going to the dentist. Their use of current technologies also adds to the overall satisfaction. I tell all of my family and friends about Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions!
Kainoa D.

Friendly and Professional!
I had a last minute appointment to go to after my regular visit with Dr. Asam. When I explained that to her, she immediately expedited the visit without rushing or compromising the quality of her service and expertise. That's what I consider great service! And, dental visits always create a level of stress. However, with Dr. Asam ,I feel more at ease and am always quite impressed with the instant feedback she is able to give me via her modern equipment. I really like her friendly mannerism; it's like visiting a friend as well as a professional!
Eileen A.

Courteous Service!
Aside from courteous service & reception by Makanani and respect for patient's time by not overbooking appointments, Dr. Jmi takes the time to discuss the spectrum of treatment options available for your situation.

The Right Choice!
I am so happy I switched dentists! I was hesitant to change from my dentist whom I have gone to for years, but as soon as I met with Dr. Jmi Asam, I knew I made the right choice. I didn't know that going to the dentist could be so painless and pleasant. I love your office location and your patient chair is super comfy!
Erin B.

Excellent; 5 Stars!
The staff are accommodating and professional. Dr. Asam is always personally involved and interested in your well-being. Plus, her staff are super friendly and polite!
Kelsy S.

Dr. Asam manages to both be really professional and make you feel really comfortable. The staff is very friendly and efficient. And, with the awesome technology she has there, it made the whole experience pretty much painless. Mahalo!
Meredith & Solomon E.

Very Good
I would suggest anyone who has TMJ problems or jaw related problems to see Dr. Jmi Asam. She is wonderful and polite and her receptionist, Makanani, is very helpful with getting insurance issues out of the way.
Judith N.

Will make referrals!
Thank you for your professional kindness. I will absolutely refer friends and family to your practice.
Leslie S.

Very Kind.
Dr. Asam is very gentle and took the time to make sure I was okay...I'm usually very nervous at the dentist but I felt very relaxed and was well taken care of. Dr. Asam and Makanani are very kind and made me feel very comfortable. I'm glad I found you on the web.
Kristy K.

Jmi is the best. Very welcoming feeling in Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions. My teeth feel a lot better and they look a lot better too. "Brush, floss, and rinse mouth with mouthwash"...these are now words I live by. Thank you Dr. Asam!
Robert O.

Aloha Spirit!
This is a place of warmth, care, and love; A place where you feel welcome...the "Aloha Spirit". I will recommend my friends and family to Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions.
Uilani H.

Thank you PDIS!
I liked the kind reminders about my appointment. I also liked that I had the option to fill out the paperwork before or when I got to your office. The office looks clean and comfortable, yet stylish; love the woodwork with the desks! The staff was warm and helpful. Overall, the visit brightened my day as well as my smile. Thank you Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions!
Jay H.

Wonderful Care!
I have received treatment beyond extraordinary since being in the meticulous care of Dr. Asam. I suffered with many problems for years and seemed to be a bewildering challenge for other doctors. Within a few months, Dr. Asam resolved and continues to resolve my difficult problems. I am so thankful to the office and staff of Pacific Dental and Implant Solutions.
Jan K.

Caring and Knowledgeable.
I like the location of your office and the time I can spend with Dr. Asam. I don't feel rushed and Dr. Asam tries her best to help me understand my problems. I truly think that Dr. Asam is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor.
Keiko C.

The staff are superb!
I don't live close to this office and it usually takes me 45 min. But I would not change Dentists for that reason. I would follow Dr. Asam and her friendly staff anywhere. There's hundreds of dentists nearby where I live but the Kahala office is home. The staff are superb! I was at ease the first time and have been since.
Edgar A.

Professional & Welcoming!
Dr. Asam's Harvard education shines through in her high levels of expertise, professionalism, and hard-work ethics. Also, the fact that she uses a modern approach with Hawaiian hospitality ethics makes for a great doctor. She is warm, welcoming, and cares for her patients in a state-of-the-art office facility. I highly recommend her!
Sarah P.

Dr. Asam made me feel very comfortable and she was very professional. She does great work and she took the time to answer all of my questions.
Wanda T.

Two Thumbs Up!
Dr. Asam is a wonderful dentist with excellent skills and a friendly patient-first approach. She also has a 21st century office with the newest technology available. You can really SEE the condition of your mouth and teeth, and what/why something needs to be corrected. I am definitely sending family and friends to what is really a new experience in dental hygiene and care.
Kirk B.

Very Caring Feeling!
All the years of going to the dentist, this has been a very comfortable feeling. I am amazed to see Dr. Asam do all the work without any help. After being worked on, it doesn't take long to feel normal with no after effects!
Kathleen J.

Makanani was very courteous and helpful. Dr. Asam was very professional and succinctly explained the xrays and options available. I was very impressed with the state-of-the-art equipment.
Dennis T.

Wonderful caring dentist and staff. Dr. Asam also shows us what needs to be done to take better care of our teeth so that we won't have problems in the future.
Dawn A.

Honesty wins!
Dr. Asam was not only clear with her procedures, but honest about what I didn't need cosmetically. Most dentists would have not been so thorough because they would have been more interested in the money. I will keep going to Dr. Asam, take my family to her, and recommend her to friends and co-workers.
Sylvia L.